Welcome to the 2017-2018 Missoula County Health Resource Guide.

The Missoulian and the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce are proud partners of the 21st Annual Missoula County Health Resource Guide.  This Guide is part of our shared mission to educate and showcase the wide variety of health and wellness services Missoula offers as the “healthcare hub” of Western Montana.

This mission is also fulfilled through the Chamber of Commerce “Health and Safety Committee”.  In addition to educating residents of Greater Missoula on available health, wellness and human service offerings, the Committee provides a neutral forum for representatives of the healthcare and general  business sectors to work together to develop programs, publications and awareness campaigns.

In collaboration with and gracious support from Community Medical Center, another example of the Health and Safety Committee’s efforts is the educational series called, “HealthWise”.  This series, now in its second year, is designed to bring you closer to the health, wellness and safety information that matters to you most.  Please look for more information about this series at www.missoulachamber.com.

Please contact the Chamber if you have a correction or if you would like your organization to be listed in future Guides.

Best Wishes for Good Health,

Jack Daniel
2017-2018 Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce
Health and Safety Committee Chair