Cancer is a general term for cells that grow out of control, no longer perform their normal functions, and invade other tissues. Cancer was the second leading cause of death in Montana from 2005-2009 after diseases of the circulatory system such as heart disease and stroke. The causes of cancer are usually unknown, but are often preventable. Many types of cancer are considered curable especially if discovered early and all cancer cells are removed by surgery or destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation. Cancer doesn’t discriminate – it is blind to economic status, gender and age.

A cancer diagnosis affects everyone – the patient, family, friends and co-workers. A more complete Cancer Resource Guide for Missoula, Mineral and Ravalli counties is available online at The website also
has a calendar of local cancer-related events. It was developed by the Missoula Responds to Cancer Coalition, working with the Montana Cancer Control Program, the Montana Cancer Control Coalition and Tobacco Free Missoula County.

The National Cancer Institute has a user-friendly Dictionary of cancer and oncology terms at:
In this section you will find the following resources for Missoula County:

  • Cancer Support Organizations & Online Cancer Resources
  • Camps & Retreats
  • Financial Resources for Cancer
  • Physical, Therapeutic & Wellness Activities
  • Support Groups
  • Survivorship: Living with Treatment & Beyond
  • Many other sections in the Health Resource Guide that offer relevant resources, such as:
    • Alternative Medicine
    • Disability Services
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Emergency Basic Needs
    • End of Life & Hospice
    • Health Insurance and Other Financial Options
    • Hospitals and Health Facilities
    • Mental Health
    • Nutrition
    • Prevention (includes information on Cancer Screenings,
  • Genetic Testing & Tobacco Cessation)
  • Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Rehabilitation Services and Resources
  • Seniors
  • Transportation and Lodging

For personalized assistance, contact the Social Workers/Navigators/Case Managers at the site associated with your care:

Community Medical Center
Montana Cancer Specialists: (406) 327-3912
Montana Breast Health: (406) 327-4517

Providence St. Patrick Hospital
The Montana Cancer Center: (406) 329-5713
Breast Center: (406) 329-5656

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